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Massage Therapies/Reflexology

Aromatherapy Massage

A deeply relaxing experience, a combination of art and science. The powerful effects of essential oils used since ancient times for healing (extracted from plants, herbs, flowers, grasses and fruits) given together with a variety of therapeutic massage techniques and organic base oil, work to create a treatment which is not only probably the most relaxing, luxurious and enjoyable treatments available, but also very effective for treating a wide range of conditions and imbalances in the body, emotions and mind. These include Muscular aches and pains, Stress, Anxiety, Feelings of isolation, Depression and their related problems.

1 hour 30 minutes full body treatment - 60
1 hour full body treatment - 45
30 minutes back, neck and shoulder treatment - 35

Hot Stone Massage

This massage with warm, smooth, volcanic basalt stones and organic oil can take you to very deep levels of relaxation and bliss. This treatment is a really beautiful experience as body and mind naturally respond to the combination of the heat from the stones, and the flow of the massage. It is also especially effective for problem areas in the body, where the heat can have many remedial benefits.

1 hour 30 minutes full body treatment - 70
1 hour full body treatment - 60
30 minutes back, neck, shoulder treatment - 45

Deep Therapeutic Massage

A slow and deep massage involving a wide range of techniques from Sweden, India, Thailand and China. Incorporating the use of deep tissue techniques, acupressure and gentle stretches. As a holistic treatment (respecting the whole person and their needs at each given time) it is readily adapted to the individual at each session. This is a powerful treatment for working to release deeply held patterns of tension in the muscles, and for bringing the body and mind back to a natural balance. Great for relieving stress and tension in the body and mind as well as for treating painful, aching and recovering muscles.

1 hour full body treatment - 45
30 minutes back, neck and shoulder treatment - 35

Indian Head Massage

An ancient therapy based on traditional Indian techniques. This lovely treatment involves work on the neck, shoulders, upper back, scalp and face using a variety of massage movements. Usually offered as a seated massage, this is an adaptable massage and can be given with or without oil, fully clothed or partially underessed and tailored easily to suit different ages and situations. As well as being used for the deeply enjoyable experience and its great effects on Stress and Energy levels, this treatment has been shown to be especially effective for Neck and Shoulder pain and tension, and for helping with Headaches, Sinusitus, Insomnia and Eye strain, as well as encouraging greater hair growth!

30 minutes treatment - 40


An ancient and natural therapy which activates the natural healing power of the body. Reflexology works on the premise that all the bodies systems, organs and functions are reflected in the feet. This deeply relaxing therapy works to release energy blockages in the system enabling the body to reach its own natural state of equilibrium and good health. This is achieved through the application of pressure to specific points on the feet, beginning and ending with a healing foot massage.

As well as being a deeply relaxing, de-stressing and enjoyable experience, this treatment has shown to be effective for a wide range of conditions including: Hormonal imbalances, Disturbed sleep patterns, Stress, Sinusitus, Back and Neck pain, Depression, Infertility support and Headaches. Reflexology is often also used for Boosting the immune system and treating deep feelings of lethargy as it revives the body and mind by releasing the natural energy stores, which then are able to spread throughout and infuse the whole system with greatly improved vitality.

45minute treatment 45
Massage / Reflexology. 999

A few general conditions that respond well to these therapies:

> All Stress related conditions
> Back/ Shoulder/Neck pain
> Mild depression
> Fluid retention
> PMS/Menopausal symptoms
> Anxiety issues
> Depleted immune system and related conditions
> Headaches/Migraines
> Feelings of Isolation
> Insomnia

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These therapies are available in my private and peaceful treatment rooms in Arundel. Alternatively I offer a service to companies where I provide 15 minute head/neck/shoulder massage on site to staff, to help remedy work-related stress. The fee for this is 50 per hour.

Initial appointment requires a consultation (excludes on-site staff massage treatments) please add 5 and 15 minutes. Payment is by cash, cheque or bacs. If you are unable to attend a session please give 24 hours notice otherwise the appointment fee will normally be charged .