The one to one counselling relationship offers support, acceptance, understanding and respect, in a safe, confidential and contained environment. Counselling is a partnership between counsellor and client which explores the client's experience. The therapist aims to facilitate self discovery in the client, through which insight and awareness around self and issues emerge. This then assists a natural processes of change, growth, and healing to occur.

Counselling is not only beneficial for dealing with life's problems but can also be a great space for our personal development; for exploring potential, spirituality, or allowing creative expression. The counselling process can be both enjoyable and challenging at times. It is usually always a deeply enriching and rewarding experience which bears many fruits.

The foundation of effective therapy is offering understanding, compassion and awareness. My work also often includes the techniques of Mindfulness, CBT, and NLP to deepen awareness, identify problems and find solutions.

Some reasons that may bring people to counselling:

> Depression
> Anxiety
> Bereavement
> A personal crisis
> To explore creative potential
> Addictions
> Relationship problems
> Major life changes
> Losses
> Issues with sexuality
> Loss of direction
> Self exploration
> Confidence or self esteem issues
> Abuse. physical, sexual, or psychological
> Self harming
> Dealing with anger
> For personal or spiritual growth
> Bullying/Harassment
Sessions are one hour long and usually scheduled weekly. The duration of sessions depends on individual requirements. Sessions can be short term or open ended, this will be talked about and agreed on at the initial meeting and open to further discussion as necessary. The initial session gives an opportunity for us to meet one another and to discuss your requirements from therapy. It is also a space for you to ask any questions that you may have about the therapeutic process. It is then open for you to decide if you feel it is right for you to proceed with further sessions.

I offer a free half hour initial consultation, subsequent sessions are 50.
There are a few discounted places for Counselling students and those on very low incomes in my clinic, please do ask if any are available if needed.